iMPC for iPhone App Reviews

92 add

Wish this worked for IOS 7.2

Every time I opened the app it crashed on me.

Help please

For some reason the app glitches out my beats when I try to upload it please help me out I have a good beat that I wanna post. Thank you

Sooooo cooool BUT

This kind of app should support audiobus!!!!!


Bug sur iPhone 6

most dope!

its addictive


Right Menu is Not in scale and the pads also. To Play a Sound i push between the pads to get Sound please fix this !!!

Not working on my 5S

The app isnt working on my iphone 5S


App crashs in sample-editor every time. The sample are only playable. Nothing to work with it. 5s/os 9.1. Maybe its a nice sampler, but not yet.

Endless Beat Making!!

Sweet samples,kits and effects!! Best beat maker for the iPhone! Easy to use!! Highly recommend it!! Better than iMaschine!!


Has potential to be the best drum machine out there! Need to update for minor sound bugs, and rare crashes. Awesome sound presets. Has already earned permanent spot on my iphone.


Fun for 5 minutes.

Middle of the road

Good preset sounds, nice nod to the MPCs defining features with the 16 step option and note repeat. Needs a half decent sequencer editor though - iOS devices dont really allow for tactile playability and this sometimes results in redundant note stacking on overdubs etc. plus its just nicer to have that as an option. Retronyms make good sounding effects, but the included effects feel more like an enticer to check out tabletop than a real attempt to give the iMPC a self sustaining environment. Soundcloud integration is cool but should be optional. Seeing what people just uploaded can get annoying. Lots of audio artifacts when adjusting anything.

Great app, just needs some updates!

App continually crashed after trying to play a particular sequence which I had accidentally changed from 4 bars to 0, just thought I should mention that. Also, this app needs more FX, the delay and bitcrusher are great, but a reverb or an EQ would be sex! The compressor is always on for all tracks which doesnt always sound good, its also missing some pretty standard controls (Ratio, attack, threshold, knee, etc.) As much as I hate to say it, this app could use a keyboard performance option. That said, this app has easily the best looking interface Ive seen, and has been my favorite app since iMaschine. Highly recommended!

Dear akai,

Why on earth wouldnt you make it possible to delete samples... Without being able to do so, Im going to have a massive chunk of my phones memory dedicated to samples i will never use again..please make an update to correct this. Please. This app has so much potential to be amazing. It is a great app but things like not being able to delete samples make it impossible to fully appreciate. Also if this app had a chop shop for samples like a real mpc it would be the most amazing app ever.. So please akai review these problems I know experienced mpc users every where are asking the same thing and would be so thankful to see this app become the amazing interface it has the potential to be. Thank you

One problem

Give us the option to take an external sample and chop it automatically to the 16 pads. Workflow takes way too long otherwise. Do this and this app will be a 5 star favorite for sure.

Would Not Recommend

Great idea, flawed execution. The app is buggy, unintuitive, and crashes! My biggest issue with it is that you CANNOT DELETE ANY SAMPLES!!! This app desperately needs a Song Mode!!! Also, if the programmer can make it easier for the edge of screen swiping for those with certain cases to access that function. With my current case I have little to know issues accessing notification and control centre, but cannot access the side screens within this app. PLEASE MAKE THE SWIPE AREA LARGER!!! I would also appreciate better and more sample chopping options, such as grid chopping. Id also like to see a Timestretch feature added. As of right now functionality is very poor. Would like iMPC to be beyond MPC 60 status! If all these issues get addressed soon, I see no reason why this couldnt be a 5 star app. Right now its not even worth the sale price.

Amazing app

What a Great app is all I can say

A great app

A great app but seems to drop rhythm. When sharing to Soundcloud parts of the sequence gets dropped as well. Be great to be able to compile a song and share it instead of sequences.


I need a fix on the app cause everytime It freezes or the slide out screen comes out while I try to make something


The new iOS 9.0 update isnt making this app work

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